Facebook fined with the maximum amount by the Information Commissioner’s Office

Information Commissioner’s Office has fined Facebook with the maximum amount allowed prior to GDPR (£500,000), after finding “serious breaches of data protection law” between 2007 and 2014. This is related to the previous business model of Facebook that gave app developers access to the personal data not only of the app users, but also their friends (even if they were not using the app), which allowed for the massive data harvesting that lead to the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

You can read the full press release here.

Some other suggested reading is this article – My Cow Game Extracted Your Facebook Data, as well as this short clip explaining how Facebook uses psychological factors to profile users, and how the Cambridge Analytica data harvesting happened.

Romanian law implements the GDPR

The law implementing GDPR in Romania (Law no. 190/2018) has been published and will enter into force on 31 July 2018. We have put together a brief description of the provisions together with some comments, in both Romanian and English language.

The English version of the Legal Alert can be downloaded here.

The Romanian version of the Legal Alert can be downloaded here.

  •  For an unofficial translation of the Romanian GDPR Implementation Law no. 190/2018, provided by PrivacyOne, please access this link.

[RO] Dreptul la portabilitatea datelor în GDPR

Dreptul la portabilitatea datelor este o noutate introdusă de Regulamentul General privind Protecția Datelor. Ca atare, implementarea acestui drept pleacă de la zero și, după cum arată analiza particularităților sale, nu este lipsită de neclarități și zone unde vor trebui dezvoltate bune practici. Articolul scris de Andreea Lisievici, partener PrivacyOne, își propune să analizeze principalele particularități ale portabilității datelor și să aducă în prim-plan zonele care solicită acțiune din partea operatorilor, precum și să pună în discuție elemente de posibilă controversă în aplicarea dreptului la portabilitatea datelor.

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