Data Protection Newsletter – no.22020 February

Data Protection Newsletter – no.2/2020 February

This month in data protection news: ● See guidance from EU data protection authorities on how to process personal data in the context of COVID-19 ● Read about recent GDPR sanctions, including in the filed of telecoms ● Find out the recent guidelines from data protection authorities ● More GDPR news and further readings.

LI_Summer 2019

Data Protection News: Summer Edition 2019

This summer’s data protection news: ● The battle for cookies – ICO and CNIL issue new guidance, but the trenches of online profiling are hard to control ● CJEU’s Fashion ID – another case of joint controllers ● The pitfalls of relying on employee consent – a case from Greece ● New legislation in Romania wants to identify SIM card holders and monitor sex offenders ● Summary of first 4 GDPR fines in Romania ● News on EU legislative measures ● Guidelines, reports and recommendations from EU institutions and organizations ● Cases and decisions from EU Member States ● Enforcement actions taken by National Data Protection Authorities ● Data breaches and other cyber incidents ● Recommended articles ● More data protection news from Europe and worldwide.