• (2019, Feb) A new competition-related decision from Germany limits the way in which Facebook may combine data collected through different services.
  • (2019, Apr) Facebook sentenced in France to pay 30,000 EUR for unfair clauses in its terms of use. See here an explanatory article.
  • (2019, Dec) German case deals with regulatory scrutiny over Facebook fan pages (Global Data Review article).
  • (2020, Jan) The Italian DPA calls for an EU task force to tackle the privacy risks posed by the TikTok social network.
  • (2020, Jan) In Italy, Facebook is threatened with a fine of 5M Euros by the national competition authority. The concern is the continued lack of transparency regarding the use of personal data by the social network.
  • (2020, Jun) Federal Court of Justice confirmed Facebook’s abuse of dominance over data collection and processing user data from other platforms like as well as from third-party websites without users’ explicit consent under Articles 6(1)(a), 7 of GDPR (see here the Courtesy translation (English) of corresponding Press Release).
  • (2020, May) The Dutch DPA has launched the inquiry over the TikTok app concerning the privacy matters.
  • (2020, May) The Belgian DPA’s Litigation Chamber imposed a fine of 50.000 EUR based on the findings of infringements in relation to the legal grounds for the “invite/tell-a-friend” functionality.


  • (2019, Nov) Read here this noyb article on Facebook’s reliance on contract as a legal basis for data processing.
  • (2019, Jun) University of Oxford: When Data Cannot be Traded.
  • (2020, Oct) Noyb commented on the EDPB’s Guidelines 8/2020 on targeting of social media users under the GDPR.


  • (2019, Jan) UK National Cyber Security Centre: Social Media: how to use it safely.
  • (2019, Apr) Conference of Independent Federal and state data protection authorities in Germany (DSK): position paper on data protection requirements regarding the operation of Facebook pages. See here the paper in German and here an article commenting in English.
  • (2019, Sept) Danish DPA: new guidance about posting photos online. Read this article in English on the topic.
  • (2020, Jan) (Germany) State of Saarland DPA: the use of WhatsApp by public institutions in their communications with citizens (read here an article in English).
  • (2020, Oct) Spanish DPA: Privacy risks when logging in other applications with social media accounts.